The Queen's Game

Here we go! I am soooo excited to share with you the cover and blurb for my new book--The Queen's Game! This is a case of things just coming together perfectly. I've been looking for an excuse to write contemporary royal romance. Then things happened, and my original idea was shelved. It was sad. But then, Carina Press had a call for contemporary royal romance, and I thought why not? After an inspirational trip to Batanes, I was so ready to write this story. 

But when I read through it again, I thought, why not publish it myself? I've been antsy to get back into the game and publish something new, something experimental while I'm waiting for my other books. After I decided to do that, my friend Maronne Cruz posted her photo, which later on became my book cover, and then one of our live readers basically wrote a love letter for #romanceclass, I knew. I knew I had done the right thing. 

Things fell perfectly into place for Nina and Felipe. I hope you guys enjoy this book as much as I have had writing this. 

ANYWAY. Ignore me, and read on! The Queen's Game will be available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited from August 1, 2017.

Print editions are now available for pre-order here!


There are only two reasons why Nina would come back home to Cincamarre--one, if Auntie Delia promises to stop butting into her business, two, if her father died and she was made to ascend the throne to be queen. 

Unfortunately for her, it was the second thing that brought her home. 

As a princess who's sunk a yacht and been caught kissing popstars, it's easy for her aunt, the regent, to think she's ill prepared for the throne. But Nina doesn't think that having to fake date Felipe, the handsome, squeaky clean Prince of Concordia was the best solution for that. 

Nina's ready to learn the ropes of her new role and make it hers, and reconnecting with Felipe only makes her want to be a better queen. But is the monarchy ready for a queen like Nina?  

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Need some more convincing? Read these glowing reviews!

"This book was a beautiful thing to read. Since the very beginning, Carla de Guzman enchanted me with her writing and her flower-y metas that she uses for some stuff."
- Sil, @thebookvoyagers 

"In just a few chapters, Carla de Guzman was able to lay out a great and believable world building and transported me to Cincamarre. If it’s still not obvious…yes, I enjoyed The Queen’s Game a lot and would highly recommend for you to check it out once it goes live on Amazon. It’s a royal contemporary story that you can easily breeze through." 
- Amanda, @fandomlybookish

" I feel like Carla’s writing have grown-up with this book, too, what with the rich and vivid descriptions of Cincamarre and Concordia, and the way her characters dealt with their issues."
- Bentham Hurtado, author

"All in all, I loved this book. I loved the ending! Rebel till the end, no amount of royal protocol, strict rules and stuffy customs hindered them from pursuing their happiness. But done in the name of love, breaking protocol can certainly be forgivable. "
- Mayumi Cruz

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