Pinterest + WIPs

Who would have thought that writing would require so much visual research?

But for the last few works in progress, Pinterest has been a huge help to me in coming up with a clear 'image' that I want to convey for the books I write. It's so much fun researching looks, places and little things, and it's helpful to me to make sure that the book has a unified feel to it. 

Or maybe I just like looking up couple pictures and location shots. 

But seriously, it's a huge help when you're stuck with a WIP! Especially to a writer who relies so much on location. 

I have to admit, I nicked this idea from Mina V. Esguerra, who started posting Pinterest boards of her projects as they were happening. Until then I was using Pinterest just for fashion posts and lettering inspiration.

Check out the Pinterest boards of my works in progress, in no particular order!

Making A Scene
part of the upcoming #romanceclass Flair imprint 

Baking Me Crazy


The Queen's Crown