#romanceclass Journalist Lecture!

(Video by Chi Rodriguez!)

How do we even begin to sort out our feelings?

It's been a few days since we had our #romanceclass lecture, where we invited journalists to come over and talk about their jobs, relationships (wink wink) and other things!

We've been doing this 'lecture series' where we invite speakers doing the jobs that we like our characters to have. They help us get a better sense of their day to day lives, how they relate to the people they work with and who they work with. There were books on sale, and each attendee got an ebook bundle (that included a copy of Marry Me, Charlotte B! because reality TV)!

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This lecture in particular was about journalists on TV, and we invited some really awesome people. There was a bit of suspense/drama surrounding this, as we were told to be prepared for the guests to cancel anytime. These journalists are highly regarded in their field so if there was an emergency happening, we had to be ready for it all to fall through.

My Twitter feed exploded when we found out who it was. I've seen Pia Arcangel on TV (my siblings used to watch her show Art Angel a lot!) and have always thought that she was a good reporter. Plus she looks so stylish and cool. I noticed she talked with her hands a lot too, but manages to stay so still when she's doing news reports.

And then there's this other dude. You know. Atom Araullo. Everyone's heard of him--or at least, seen his coverage of Typhoon Yolanda. I had no idea he was a physicist, avid tooth brusher and likes long walks on the beach. I loved hearing him talk. I liked that he called his job a 'calling', and it sounds to me like he's made a lot of sacrifices for it. He just seemed so dedicated to his job.

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Although I'm not planning on writing about TV journalists yet, I liked that we were able to discuss the nature of relationships between reporters of different networks, reporters and their cameramen, reporters and their producers. They also talked about their career tracks, how they got into the business.

These are the kinds of details that REALLY help when you're writing. We need a database for this, or something!

I remember them talking about the sacrifices they had to make, and how they made them. Pia talked about how she scaled back at work when she became a mom, but it was the kind of sacrifice that didn't feel so bad to her (yes you can have it all!). Meanwhile, Atom also talked about how little time he has for someone because of his job and when it comes to special occasions, it becomes special when you make it so.

Obviously we were all little puddles of goo on the floor when the lecture ended.

Then after the lecture, other things happened!


You know, like this! That's my kilig face. I had no idea his hand was on my shoulder I was too busy trying to stop myself from giggling.


And this! Yep, that's Samantha Sotto, author of Before Ever After, and one of my favorites! I gave her a copy of Cities, which she finished the next day!

#FeelsRushIn at Trinoma

In case you missed it, this happened last Saturday.

We love telling the story of how we were asked to do this event only TEN DAYS BEFORE, and we were all like, yes, let's do this! Good to know that we can do this like this in 'emergencies.' I put myself in charge of the selling table again, which is always fun, if I didn't have to do math after, gah.

There were a lot of things going on at TriNoma on that day. There were youths literally running around and screaming, we didn't know what we were expecting, and our usual faves (wink wink) weren't there.

Thankfully, it didn't stop people from coming! We had a lot of people coming in and ready to donate books for Ayala's Little Free Library (donating got them free ebooks from us). Some passed by our selling booth to check out the list. Some questions included, 'what's going on here?' 'Are these ALL by Filipino authors?' 'Can I get these at bookstores?'

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I love being able to explain what #romanceclass is to people, and of course, encourage them to stay for the readings. Even if they don't end up buying books, just the fact that they were brave enough to ask (as a social coward I feel them) is already a lot.

One of the downsides of being in the selling booth is that I am always facing away from the readings, and I don't really get to see the reactions and the facial expressions of the readers. But this time I made it a point to really turn round and look. I am SO glad that I did. Hearing a book is completely different from reading it, and we've learned that lesson here. The kilig factor of the actors saying certain lines in a different way from how you 'heard' it in your head is completely indescribable.

And yeah, if you happen to share the same name as the main character, it tends to make you crazy.

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Things You Miss When You Do Not Attend #romanceclass Events (continued) 3. Hanging out with the wonderful authors behind the wonderful books performed by the wonderful actors. And getting signed copies of said books right then and there too! #FeelsRushIn #books #filipinoauthors #vscocam #livereading #bookstagram

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The readers with the authors of the books they read! From L to R: CP Santi writer of 'When Cocoy Became Kikay', Ines Bautista Yao writer of 'Only A Kiss', Migs Almendras, a #romanceclass live reading newbie and book cover model (yes we're claiming him), Salve Villarosa, who read for #FeelsDay and runs her own book vlog, Cuckoo for Books, Mina V. Esguerra, mastermind and kilig-maker and writer of 'No Strings Attached', Chi Yu Rodriguez writer of 'The Bye Bye Bouquet' and Dawn Lanuza writer of 'What About Today.' I seriously recommend you check out all of these books, look up the readings and the podcasts, because feels abound, man.

Sad that you missed all of this fun? Don't worry! This was actually just 'practice' for a bigger event! We're planning another feels day extravaganza with more events, readers and a new titles for October! Stay tuned for the announcement!