Writing is Hard

So I've had this brilliant story idea in my head. It's been in here so long that it's gone through three drafts, one almost book deal and three location changes. I did all my research--I watched all the Oceans movies, the Thomas Crowne Affair, Entrapment, read about forging paintings and sleight of hand, read similar books (Mina V Esguerra's Young and Scambitious series, Bianca Mori's Peyton Riley series, The Heart of the Steal by Avon Gale). I had no other books on the pipeline, I planned for this. And Ocean's Eight came out, and my little heart soared. My idea was begging to be written, it promised that it was ready. 

So I thought I was ready. 

But writing this draft has so far been like trekking through mud. It's been slooooow, and I'm not used to slow. I realize that in movies, you get away with a lot more things. You don't have to explain certain motivations, don't have to fact check if certain technologies exist, or if certain things are possible (how on earth did Vincent Cassel dance through a laser field, and I'm still annoyed at the Julia Roberts plot twist). But here, you're managing all of that against a love story, a love story that makes itself clearer as the story goes along. 

So we're slow. SO SLOW. I'm actually hesitating over writing steamy scenes (ikr). And I'm easily distracted by other plots, other things. But I am determined to make this work. 

Here's to those difficult plots you just need to write through. We'll get to THE END somehow. 

In the mean time...we write. We wait. We watch more things.