Happy Birthday, Cities!

One year ago today, I walked into a coffee shop in Greenhills and met Mina for the first time. She walked me through the process of posting Cities on Amazon and Smashwords, and at the end of the session she said, "So when do you want your book to be published?" Without even thinking I said "November 30." It had to be! It was a Tuesday (that's a thing), my parents' anniversary and my Dad's birthday. I couldn't not choose that day.

Then I left that coffee shop a self-published author. Now two (going on three) books, thousands of words and many many things later (including ReaderCon, which I will blog about soon!) here we are.

Happy birthday, Cities. You're the little book that started it all and I love you for it. :)


Lots of good things happening soon too! Cities is going to be in a major bookstore!! I'll announce things as I find out, but this is SOON.