Book Covers as Makeup Looks!

Last month, the wonderful Sil (@thebookvoyagers) posted this REALLY COOL thread of makeup looks that looked a lot like romance book covers, and as a baby makeup enthusiast, I thought it was awesome! The colors almost perfectly match all of the book covers, and of course, she gave credit where credit was due.

So in the same vein, I decided to come up with a few makeup looks based on some of my favorite #romanceclass covers! I had a lot of fun creating these looks, and of course you can’t really see the eyeshadow because argh, hooded eyes, but you get it, right??

Clicking on the book titles leads to the Amazon page where you can purchase them. You can also click on the right side of the photo to see a second photo (and a better look at the eyeshadow huhu)

Like Nobody’s Watching - Tara Frejas

One of my favorite #romanceclass heroes and books, Pio Alvez and Audrey Alonzo engage in a fake dating arrangement when Audrey’s ex brings a new girl to a company party. Of course there are feelings involved. I love the blues and teals and that now signature look on Pio’s face, and I thought I would bring it to my inner corners so it wasn’t too overwhelming. And I’m using my favorite lip gloss—ELF Plumping Gloss in Mocha Twist, so I’m really happy with this. I can even see myself wearing it out, maybe?

I also made a video of this look!

One Night: Compilation - Bianca Mori

Bianca Mori writes about the lush rich world of the de La Reds, and I broke out my fancy Fenty lipgloss in Fussy for this look! Consuelo wears a gorgeous emerald green dress for the evening’s festivities, and I used that as inspiration for my look!

How She Likes It - Carla de Guzman

Hello magnetic lashes! I had to go all out for the book cover look for How She Likes It, just because Isabel is the CEO of a cosmetics company, and you can’t go all out without false lashes and a deep red lip.