Shanghai Calling

Happy 2018 everyone! The Christmas/New Year/Birthday season is always my favorite time of the year, only because there are so many things going on, and so many things to be grateful for--this trip included. Shanghai isn't new to me, but something pulled me toward it when we were choosing our yearly family trip. Maybe it was the cold, more likely it was Shanghai Disneyland. But in the end, it was a great way to spend time as a complete family, and to discover new corners of the city. 

And YES you will see Shanghai in a future book! I have really really specific plans for specific characters in this city, you'll see!


Experiences you can't miss: 

  • Jostling with the crowds on The Bund after a few happy hour drinks at The Long Bar at the famous Waldorf Astoria
  • Buying cute little tin cans of floral or fruit teas from Tianzifang while chomping down on candied kiatkiat then visiting the basement shops at the SML Center next door to buy the cutest insulated tumbler ever. 
  • Having a cup of coffee at the 5th floor cafe of the 1933 Slaughterhouse. Don't let the name fool you--it's now a gorgeous brutalist art space, and the cafe has an actual garden, I was dying. 
  • Spending an entire day at the 'No. 1 Water Village'. Venice has nothing on the extremely well-preserved Zhouzhuang. Plus the whole place has a creepiness factor that just makes it more worth the trip. 
  • Taking a picture with Kylo Ren at Shanghai Disneyland. Riding the Tron Light Cycle at Disneyland. Dropping your jaw at the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Shanghai Disneyland. Just. Shanghai Disneyland in general.