As a part of our activities, #romanceclass has been hiring these amazing theatre actors to perform live readings of our books. In this page, you'll find all the live readings of my books, with links to the books!

You can also browse the Youtube channels to see other readings by other authors. 

Enjoy. :) 


Marry Me, Charlotte B! read by Gio Gahol and Gab Pangilinan for #AllTheFeels at MIBF 2016

If The Dress Fits read by Jef Flores and Vanya Castor for #BitterxSweet at Ayala Museum 2017

The Queen's Game read by Fred Lo and Samantha Aquino for #FeelsFest2017

The Queen's Game read by Miguel Almendras and Salve Villarosa for STCQC

Chasing Mindy read by Rachel Coates and Miguel Almendras for #AprilFeelsDay 2018